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Air laid nonwoven
An air laid web that has been bonded by one or more techniques to provide fabric integrity.

Air laid pulp
An air laid nonwoven that is produced with fluff, wood pulp. The web can be bonded with resin and/or thermal plastic resins dispersed within the pulp.

Air laid web
A web of fibers produced by the air laid process.

Air laying, Air laid process
A nonwoven web forming process that disperses fibers into a fast moving air stream and condenses them onto a moving screen by means of pressure or vacuum.

Airlaid fabrics is mainly composed of woodpulp and has a nature of absorbing wet.It can be mixed with a definite proportion of SAP to improve its capability of absorbing wet. The products can be widely used in maternal and child health care, medical care,things of cleaning and wiping and so on.

Airlaid nonwoven, also called dry paper nonwoven. The nonwoven is made of airlaying process. Transit the woodpulp into the bundle of airflow to make the fibres disperse and agglomerateon on the floating web. airlaid nonwoven is reinforced of web.

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