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Crumpled paper

The crumpled paper is a kind of packing material which is very common in the market. These colorful and fine lines foursquare paper is used widely in the florist. Texture on the paper is pressed by the machine imitating hand kneading. It is fit for packing paper and origami as it's multi-color and bargain price.

There are many kinds of crumpled paper we can offer you:
1) Golden Pear Luster Crumpled Paper ;
2) Silvery Pear Luster Crumpled Paper;
3) Printing Crumpled Paper;
4) General Crumpled Paper

  Pulp-colored long fiber paper with embossed finishes;
  Assurance of water-resistance
  Folding resilience
  Rich in color and expressive performance;
  Floral Wrapping
  Gift Box, Gift Bag
  Other Artistic Cvering Applications
Specifications :
  Size: 640*640 mm
  Weight: 58 gsm
  Packing: 200 sheets/paper bag, 5 paper bags /CTN
  CTN Size: 670*670*290mm
  Net Weight: 23.75kg
chemicalbond nonwoven material chemicalbond nonwoven material chemicalbond nonwoven material
FN-19 FN-20 FN-21

* Please click Printing on flower (Read pdf) to download the Printing on flower.

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