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Chemical bond is a used widely web bond method in the nonwoven production. as some chemical adhesives have the side-effect that make against the environment and body health, the proportion of chemical bond in the Airlaid pulp nonwovens have reduce, and this current will go on.

But chemical bond is very important method in Airlaid pulp nonwovens web bond for some nonwoven. and the technic of adhesives has a great amelioration. some "green" chemical adhesives with no virulence,side-effect have come out. This will be the basic of chemical bond for the future.

Adhesive is the important material in chemical bond. Some chemical departments have attach importance to the research and production of nonwoven industria adhesive.

  Available according to customers' color samples
  Width: 10 - 320cm
  Weight: 15 -130gsm
  Can be used as base fabric for artificial leather and also (generally treated
UV) used in agriculture to prevent pests
  Auxiliary treatment available: UV protection, flame retardancy
Applications: Various colors
  industrial wipe
  woman sanitation material
  baby wipe, table cloth
  wet wipe
  Medical care, sanitation material
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