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SMS Nonwoven

SMS nonwoven: one layer or several layers meltblown nonwovens is nipped between two or three layers spunbond nonwoven. main material of SMS nonwoven is PP. PP SMS nonwoven have the features: soft touch,good breathe freely, beautiful appearance,high lenitic pressure resist. There are three types products: thin thickness SMS, medium thickness SMS and thickness SMS. And they have different application.

There are two bond processes: Online SMS and Offline SMS. Each process have different features and applications. More new process have in research.

The SMS nonwoven is used widely in sanitary, medical,industrial, agricultural, house ornament and society life like Sanitary napkin, Sanitary napkin pad, medical application, work clothes in industrial , fliter material etc.

S: means spunbond nonwovens;

M: means meltblown nonwovens;


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