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Bamboo fiber

The bamboo fiber is a kind of generative cellulose fiber made of excellent bamboo. As a quick-growth plant cellulose material, the bamboo does not require irrigation, fertilization, and medicine scattering during its growth, and is resistant to drought and waterlogging. It can be planted in a dense manner, and regular felling is needed. The material derives the nature and can be reverted to the nature after biological degradation. This completely demonstrates that bamboo is a raw material which is easily acquired, available and environment friendly.

Apart from the intrinsic characteristics of bamboo including anti-bacteria, anti-ultraviolet, excellent penetrability and coolness, bamboo fiber has also the functions of moisture absorption and desorption, thus it is called breathable fiber. As promising cellulose fiber, it is featured by biological degradation, soft handle, good drapability, easy tintage and beautiful coloration.

As a regenerated cellulose fiber bamboo fiber is 100% made from bamboo through a high-tech process. The raw material bamboo is well-selected from non-polluted regions in Yunnan and Sicuan Province, China. They are all 3-4 year old new bamboo, of good character and ideal temper. The whole distilling and production process in the China Bampro Textile plants is green process without any pollution. More important, bamboo fiber is a unique biodegradable textile material. As a natural cellulose fiber it can be 100% biodegraded in soil by microorganisms and sunshine. The decomposition process does not cause any pollution in the environment. " Bamboo fiber comes from nature and completely returns to nature in the end" Bamboo fiber is praised as " the natural, green and eco-friendly new-type textile material of 21st century"

  Antibaterial, sterilization
  poison filterability and dustproof
  to effectively absorb various industrial waste gases.
  Tthrowaway respiration
  Respirator of active carbon.
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