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Hemp Fiber fabric

When we are talking about hemp, many of us will be reminded of drug. As a matter of fact, this is a misunderstanding. Talking about hemp plant itself, it is a kind of plants with medicine function featured with strong life-force and adaptability and minor plant diseases and insect pests. It has the efficiencies of mould/corrosion proof and antibiosis/bacteriostasis, and truly a rare species as a kind of natural health-care raw materials.

Hemp weaved fabrics have many excellent merits in service and natural health-care functions. In addition the common properties such as stiff and neat, slippery, good moisture absorption and quick moistureremoval and excellent air permeability, the uniqueness of hemp weaved fabrics lie in soft and slippery and free from skin itch, which is unique compared with other normal long vegetable fabrics having different degree of skin itch when they directly contact body skin. Besides above, hemp fabrics is able to screen 95% and above ultraviolet radiation, while other clothes materials can only absorb 30%--90%; it is really a good news to consumers today when the ozonosphere is increasingly thinning.

It is notable particularly based on scientific research and testing outputs that hemp textile products have obvious function to restrain fungus and intestinal canal in addition to skin protection and care function

  Antibaterial, sterilization
  poison filterability and dustproof
  to effectively absorb various industrial waste gases.
  Tthrowaway respiration
  Respirator of active carbon.

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