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Elastic Spunbond

"Can nonwovens stretch to fit everywhere?" Currently nonwovens benefit from low cost,flexibility and disposability, but have deficiencies in terms of aesthetics, drape, softness and elasticity when compared with conventional textiles.

Current elastic materials in nonwoven markets consist of various materials: (1) elastic strands; (2) elastic film; (3) elastic film/nonwoven laminates; (4) elastic strand/nonwoven laminates; (5) elastic meltblown fabrics.

Elastic Spunbond was a new patented class of nonwoven that provides: (1) a unique balance of elastic properties; (2) high elongation; (3) breathability; (4) ease of conversion; (5) compatibility with other polyolefin materials.

Elastic Spunbond is textile-like in its handle and appearance, and will replace existing composite structures and revolutionize product designs of the future, This core/sheath bico-spunbond comprises an elastic core component providing elasticity (such as thermoplastic polyurethane, polyester ethers, styrenics, m-polyethylene and elastomeric polypropylene) with an extensible sheath component providing haptics (that is, a sense of touch) and processability. The sheath ratio should be less than 15%, he noted.

  Medical material
  Baby cloth,nursing cushion,etc
  House decoration,car interior decoration;
  Wipe, wet tissue,industrial wipe,house wipe
  Good Soft and intensity;
  high absorption and fast wet;
  short fuzz and washable
  No chemical additive
  look like knitting in appearance
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