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Anti-static Spunlace

Electrostatic always around us and disappeared, the electromagnetic waves of electrostatic discharge affect people's health. The electrostatic adsorption dust, bacteria, naking the clothes dirty, damage electronic components. These textile spinning factory, oil Chemical factory in the electrostatic discharge more likely to cause accident such as fire, explosion.

Anti-static products are an in-house developed spunlace nonwoven employing the latest technology, using ES spunlace staple as its base which is then treated for anti-static properties. staticstop products are soft,breathable.clean, with anti-static properties. They have the ability to reduce the production of static electricity, avoiding the ill effcts of static electricity production. Product application includes use in electronics,petroleum, chemical and medical industries.

  Surgical gowns and barrier cloth
  Dust-free clothing for medical
  Clean-room staff apparel
  Wipes for electronic appliances.
  Work clothes for personnel in the mining
  Petroleum and chemical industries
  Good antistatic properties
  Good breathability and absorbtion
  Soft and sanitary
Series No. 820161      
Width (in MM) 300-3000      
Color pink      
Source material rayonPET      
Weight 40+-3.6      
Tensile Strength >40      
Tensile Elasticity 20-35      
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