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Cross-lapping spunlace

One important equipment of this process is crosslapper, which also called molding machine. used to pleat or make layer. monolayer or multilayer fibre net from the carding machine be overlap spread on the transmission net come-and-go by the crosslapper. fibre is cross-lapping on the traverse net orientation, which augment the net's landscape intensity. the new multilayer fibre net,which have different height or thickness, can supply the next working procedure. adjusting the working parameter of the crosslapper can control the layer number, width of the net and weight of the cloth.

Cross-lapping spunlaces are used widely as wipe in house, office, industrial and so on.

  Good Soft and intensity;
  high absorption and fast wet;
  short fuzz and washable
  No chemical additive
  look like knitting in appearance
  Medical material
  Baby cloth,nursing cushion,etc
  House decoration,car interior decoration;
  Wipe, wet tissue,industrial wipe,house wipe
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  Available ingredient:
  Available wight:
  Available size:
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