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Printing Spunlace

Printing spunlace products are processed by printing or dying nonwovens made from viscose,polyester,nylon or polypropylene. Patterns are printed on the nonwoven and it can print several color on the nonwoven.

There are two catagories: online printing spunlace and offline printing spunlace. The price of offline printing spunlace is expensive than online printing spunlace. With anothet process technology, one color printing spunlace nonwoven with sundry patterns can be produced. And the price is not expensive.Printing spunlace nonwovens are widely used in house, hotel, restaurant, office, school, airline, outside sport, factory, and so on.

  Disposable apparel (fashion,babywear, etc)
  Upholstry cloth (curtains,furniture covering, etc)
  Wipes (househole wipes,industrial wipes,etc)
  Daily articles (bedsheets,facial towels etc)
  Medical and hygienic articles
  Agricultural protective coverings
  Novel pattern,bright color
  High colorfastness,wide range of applications
  Sanitary and disposable
  Texture tough and tensile;
  Advanced high hydraulic pressure treated.
  Made from viscose,polyester,nylon
Series No. 820161 820162 820163 820164
Width (in MM) 300-3000 300-3000 300-3000 300-3000
Color pink green blue yellow
Source material rayonPET rayonPET rayonPET rayonPET
Weight 40+-3.6 40+-3.6 60+-5.0 55+-5.0
Tensile Strength >40 >40 >42 >58
Tensile Elasticity 20-35 20-35 20-35 15-30
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